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Each year Willowmasters Cricket Coaching has organized and run for its progressive Kent and Sussex Clubs partners – well attended 3 to 5 day Holiday Coaching Courses as well as 3 day Courses for Schools – The age ranges 9 to 16 have thoroughly enjoyed their week thanks to our experienced coaches including 3 level III’s and First Class Professionals.

Our Level III coaches each have long experience with county and national representative squads and players.

Other Seasonal Coaching Courses for clubs and schools have also been well attended and enjoyed at selected indoor venues.

All courses are carefully structured to cater for the high skill standards of the oldest down to the primary skill structuring of the youngest – Emphasis is placed on developing whole game skillsets – incorporating Bowling Machine practise where appropriate (using soft or harder balls appropriate to individual skill levels).

Worth a thought! Worth the Investment.
Here is a thought which we are coming across more and more often and has resonated with many. Do you have a young cricketer who belongs to a Club Section, but does not seem to get as much opportunity as you (or he/she) would like. Important to respect the excellent work put in by all those Clubs around the South East with dozens of young cricketers having fun in their age group session each week.

Yet with the best will in the world there is a heavy restriction on the time which can be given to each individual within a group. In fact during a 1 to 2 hour practice session this may amount to barely more than a few seconds of individual instruction as attention has to remain focused on the overall group.
We have calculated, for example, that in a tutoring style Willowmasters one to one batting session, the individual can easily bat for the equivalent of a 45 over innings. How much speed of development does that create.
Worth a thought! Worth the Investment.

Always sorry to disappoint (though naturally pleased for those who have subscribed) we advise that our current Holiday course bookings are now closed.

If you have missed this opportunity – we would be happy to discuss or co-ordinate other courses with you or your club.

Available to All ambitious local cricketers

AGE RANGE: 10/11+ to 18+


  • Developing a quality repeatable Bowling Technique
  • Developing a consistent stock delivery plus a good workable variation
  • Developing a sound quality Batting Technique
  • Developing a wide range of technically proficient shots
  • Developing a range of well executed innovation and release shots
  • Dealing with pressure and expectation as Bowlers and Batters.

METHOD: Coaching Aids – appropriate to enhance understanding and awareness.

Bowling Machine (as appropriate to session plans)

TIME: tba

VENUE: at selected Indoor Nets Venue convenient for each area.

THE COST: rangeing from £33 to £74 if numbers exceed the course plan, a commensurate reduction may be offered to booked applicants.

BOOKING: Please contact by email/telephone/text or use our website booking form


Do get in touch and take advantage of these and other opportunities to move your senior or junior cricketer/s up the performance ladder.

Through our coaching programmes for all from the youngest colts to senior club players, from those ambitious for Representative County honours at both Junior and Professional level to those enjoying the game at either a League or a Leisure level, we are happy to report a wide rangeing group of keen cricketers better prepared and more targeted to have a good season.
Whether you’re keen to maintain top form – looking to enhance current skills – or develop new skills, get in touch and become one of our many regulars. Give yourself the best chance of achievement for the season.

General Coaching Programme Outlines

Before reading the coaching details information below – take a moment and consider the following. Have a clear plan. Work out your requirements and priorities and stick by them. If you are seriously keen to advance your game and in so doing to enhance your enjoyment, you will require commitment and continuity. Athletic research from USA revealed that at top competitor level one missed training sequence would set the individual back three sessions. The same holds true for all competitive activity particularly a technically demanding, unforgiving game such as cricket. Coaching has to be a consistent process in both mind and body. Best Coaching leads to Instinct Development – The innate awareness to assess and recognise in a split second either the opportunity or potential threat, followed by the ability to respond within that same split second, to produce a mental and technical resolution. This is the differential hallmark of all top sports performers. It will have come about through consistency in application, long term routines and quality of repetition.

Consider this interpretation of the words by a great man of his time (about 2,500 years ago actually!!):
Excellence is a skill – secured through training and habit. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence cannot be an isolated act it must become a habit.

It was South African Golfing Legend & World No 1 – Gary Player – who famously said “The harder I work the luckier I get”. How true!

At one famous Test match ground there is a sign which reads:-
Luck is where Preparation meets Opportunity.

So – long term achievement (which after all is why you are reading this) comes from your personal commitment to your future excellence. That cannot come from half measures.

If you are still reading then you are prepared to invest. Good on you and we will do our best to bring you the best of what you seek.

One to One programmes range from 60 minutes, with 15 minute increments, up to 2 hours or beyond. For regular group courses, 45 minutes consecutively per player can be very productive.

A number of the more commited, ambitious players enjoy the accelerated development gained through focused 2 hour sessions. Think of most top international cricketers past and present and you have the perfect practise template. The longer and the more intense, the better, was the hallmark of excellence for such as Bradman, Border, Ponting, Hutton, Gooch, Tendulkar and Dravid to name but a few. Many bowling greats would spend months developing a skill to perfection before releasing it in match situations. Shane Warne being foremost amongst spinners. This was their stated way. Doesn’t it show in their career stats and performance profiles!

Many of our high achievers commit themselves to regular and consistent programmes over extended periods of time. There are many others who have fast tracked their playing techniques and then continued with periodic ‘in’ or ‘out of season’ (and, as happens even to the best occasionally, ‘out of form’) refresher sessions. Session times and location are arranged as far as possible to be mutually convenient throughout the South East.

For those ‘ambition drivers’, wishing to get a feel for the advantages to be gained from the intensity of dedicated one-to-one individual coaching, combining the light touch of enjoyment with progress, we are happy to make taster sessions available. Fee and duration by agreement.

Cricket Coaching Fees

Our coaching programme fees vary according to type of programme (individual or group), content of programme viz: additional technical aids, plus venue costs.

The following range of fees is a guide only (a variety of factors can alter these guidelines up or down):

Group Cricket Coaching

£17.50 for 1/2 hour slots (for group bookings; a minimum of 6 players working consecutive 1/2 hour individual player sessions, with the venue paid for by the participant) or £26.50 for 3/4 hour slots (as before but a minimum of 4 players)

Squad Cricket Coaching

As an example say 10-14 players squad coaching – £38.50 per hour.

Individual Cricket Coaching

Fees for dedicated one to one sessions are on request. Small 3 player group sessions of 2 hours give good scope for both individual skills attention and useful developmental work in a net situation. Fees for 3 player groups (subject to programme type and location) may range from £26 per player.

A number of our pre-booked venues offer reasonable rates which in general we steer towards. FOC venues which you may have access to are always welcome. Bigger numbers (players, time or course duration) give matching benefits. We will be happy to discuss special deals and specific requirements.

Get in touch and have your potential unlocked!


Reasonable Terms and availability have been secured at a prestigious West Sussex venue as well as in West Kent. These are high spec sports facilities, conveniently positioned by motorway networks for many parts of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and South East London.

We are of course happy to offer cricket coaching at an alternative venue of your choice.


Various days are often earmarked for different areas in the region.

Monday and Wednesday afternoon/evening sessions have been regular in the Tonbridge/Sevenoaks area. These days may be subject to periodic change, so please ask for confirmation of timings via our Contact Page.
Saturday or Sunday can be Sevenoaks morning or afternoons. So if these suit – get in touch via our Contact Page.

Grab the opportunity to fix regular sessions during the crucial pre-season.

Go to our Contact page and get your coaching session booked. to be amongst the best.

Willowmasters Coaching Courses — Booking Details

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Feel free when confirming yours/your child’s course or session attendance to complete and return this information via our Contact Page form.

Name (if applicable Parent/Guardian)




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Email: ……………………………………

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DoB ………………………… School ………………………………

(Please notify if booking on behalf of a group/school/club)

Please Email your completed information application via our Contact Page.


Completion and processing of this form constitutes a contract agreement. Willowmasters Cricket Coaching reserve the right to charge the full course fee for failure to attend if not given prior notice within 5 days of course commencement.
(payment may be cash – or cheque payable to Willowmasters Cricket Coaching)


Please ensure young attendees have adequate fluid/refreshments for breaks.
Ensure also that kit is available, clearly marked and appropriate for the activity.
Please get in touch if you require any assistance or clarification on this.

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